Employment Discrimination Cases Based on Appearance

Are employees wrongfully terminated and denied certain roles based on their appearances? According to numerous lawsuits over the last few years, the answer is yes. The following cases cover a variety of topics including age, race, disability, and religious discrimination. In 2007, Lester Roy was forced to leave his position as a Long Island Beach lifeguard because he … [Read more…]

Divorce Mediation: The Process and Its Purpose

The next several blog posts will take a closer look at divorce mediation, an alternative to traditional divorce that is steadily growing in popularity thanks to its economical and relatively non-combative nature. Specifically, these posts will provide some basic insight about the divorce mediation process, including its purpose and its participants. An Overview In the … [Read more…]

New York Auto Insurance Law

Required Auto Insurance This Web page describes the minimum coverages and amounts of insurance that must be purchased to satisfy the financial responsibility requirements of New York auto insurance law needed to register your car and obtain license plates. These coverages include: No-Fault (Personal Injury Protection) – to pay medical expenses and lost earnings for a … [Read more…]

Florida couple charged with drug trafficking

When someone hears a story involving allegations of drug trafficking, they often think of international smuggling, tense confrontations in border countries or huge groups involved in an elaborate ring. Extensive efforts are made to investigate and track down complex organizations that transport marijuana to hub cities across the country. But sometimes, drug marijuana trafficking starts in a person’s very … [Read more…]

Lending to a Potential Home Buyer

Some lenders still sit their customers down for face-to-face interviews, but in today’s fast-paced society, this has become impractical for many institutions. Thus, the interview has disappeared, and the process has become a big paper shuffle. It starts with the traditional loan application and ends with you either signing a mortgage commitment letter or reading … [Read more…]

Clients We’ve Represented

International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration. Our qualified recently concluded a major government contracts matter before the International Chamber of Commerce in London. The arbitration arose from the design and construction of a $1 billion project involving one of the world’s most challenging construction efforts. The firm assembled a panel of lawyers and experts from around … [Read more…]

Firm Overview

Our firm is a small, workers compensation legal help that was founded in. We are a team of skilled trial lawyers who know how to win cases.  The firm has repeatedly achieved successful results in a wide variety of complex litigation cases.  Every client is extremely important to us.  Since we are small and highly … [Read more…]

Beware of low-compete agreements with terms

Non-compete agreements have become a standard condition in lots of job agreements nowadays. While these contracts are imperative to defending an organization’s business secrets, customer databases and intellectual property, non-plays may also be discovering their approach into work agreements where they are not really desired (menial jobs like operating at a sandwich store, as an … [Read more…]

Social Media and Law

Can Facebook or Twitter cause a divorce? 15 years ago, there were no huge social networking sites, email was still a toddler and even Internet use was not in every single household. The world’s a different place now. To meet a stranger, you don’t have to go to a bar or open the yellow pages. … [Read more…]

Our Programs

Compliance Programs We have designed and developed compliance programs and procedures under various laws including: Customs Modernization Act Export Administration Regulations (EAR) International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Antidumping Compliance Our qualified lawyers conduct diagnostic reviews of clients’ operations, Louisiana car accident claims, and implement customized compliance procedures. Our primary … [Read more…]