What is a legal nurse consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is a Registered Nurse who, by virtue of specialization and expertise, provides her/his clients with qualified opinions based on standards of care, interpretation of medical records, research, and experience in healthcare on medical-legal issues. Back to Top What does being certified mean? The Certification entails extensive medical-legal training and successfully completing … [Read more…]

National environmental practice law

national environmental practice takes a technical and problem-solving approach to environmental law. We provide counseling, litigation, and administrative and legislative services on the full array of environmental issues facing today’s businesses. Our team specializes in negotiating practical, cost-effective solutions with regulatory agencies and community groups, but we also are experienced, effective litigators when necessary. We … [Read more…]

Financial Services National Practice Group

The Financial Services National Practice Group consists of shareholders and NJ business and commercial lawyers from all disciplines who represent a wide range of domestic and international businesses that provide and use financial services. The group prides itself on the quality of its practitioners, its client base, its work product and its ability to integrate … [Read more…]

Point/counterpoint on New York medical malpractice reform

Recently, a doctor wrote an editorial for the Times Herald-Record in which he decried a recent effort to “effectively eliminate” the statute of limitations on medical liability. (A statute of limitations is a deadline for when a person can bring a lawsuit.) Naturally, a doctor would oppose this. However, for victims of medical malpractice, eliminating … [Read more…]

Big rig and car collide in California

Collisions involving large trucks can result in individuals suffering injuries. Injuries suffered in a truck accident can have significant impacts on an individual’s life. Thus, truck accidents can cause a great deal of harm. This is one of the many reasons why it is very important for truck drivers to drive responsibly when out on … [Read more…]

Operator Training Class Synopsis

This extremely efficient class covers 100% of OSHA’s requirements for the safety training of your operators in less than 3 hours. The class is divided into two distinct phases – classroom instruction, which ends with a written exam, and hands-on equipment evaluation. Failure to score at least 85% on the written exam will result in … [Read more…]

Two trucking companies order to shut down for safety violations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced that two trucking companies, Ben Gordon Enterprises and Lex Express, Inc., have been ordered to cease all transportation services because of safety concerns surrounding their fleet vehicles. The shut down comes in light of startling reports that indicate that both companies were operating vehicles that posed a … [Read more…]

Food and Drug Administration Responsibility

Manufacturers may be held responsible for product liability if their products are unsafe. People who are injured by a dangerous medical device are often entitled to compensation for their injuries. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for monitoring the safety of medical devices for patient use. If a product is not approved by … [Read more…]

If You Should Be Imprisoned how to Proceed

Being imprisoned for something could be a scary experience, particularly if you encounter jail-time to get a serious crime. The better prepared you’re for an arrest, nevertheless, the greater you are able to react. Like a resident, you’ve rights even if authorities detain you, and these privileges must be respected by law enforcement. Being knowledgeable … [Read more…]

Why Would I Take a Urine Test After a Breath Test?

By operating within the State of Florida you’ve given an implied permission to permit law enforcement the capability to consider perhaps a breathalyzer examination, body, or urine of driving-under the impact upon fair suspension. If an official is persuaded that you’re reduced but have taken below the authorized limitations the urine examination may help them … [Read more…]

Vermont Immigration Demographics

Going to some main town that is National supplies a great indication of exactly what there is a diverse location Vermont — and not simply since you will find no large towns in Vermont. I simply delivered to Ny from the visit, and its own variety is frustrating. For greater than a millennium Ny is … [Read more…]

The Authorities Forfeit Forfeiture

In this instance, the First Circuit reviewed a sentencing court’s conclusion, in an example of a federal crime that needed a federal crimes defense attorney, that Mr. Rivera qualified as a Career Offender. U.S.S.G. 4B1.1(a). A lot more unbelievable, however, was that on appeal, the Government never understood  failure to object during sentencing. However, the … [Read more…]

Trucking Industry and Safety

It can continue five years and is the greatest transport bill in over a decade. Train injury lawyers and the vehicle at Mullins & Pintos detail the way that it is going to impact public safety and this bill. FAST is 1,300 pages, so we’ve briefly summarized most relevant the that are into groups below: … [Read more…]

Accidents in a Uhaul

You see them all over the road. You may even have one your-self that is rented. However, would you discover how typical U-Haul accidents are? Every year people are in U Hail injuries all across the nation. Since they are vehicles that are rented, obtaining the compensation you deserve might be a nightmare. Nevertheless, with … [Read more…]

Car Accident Questions

Car Accident FAQ’s Protecting Yourself From The Insurance Companies After A Car AccidentThe purpose of purchasing insurance is to protect ourselves and loved ones. However, it is important to note that insurance companies are big businesses. Their main purpose is to make as much money as possible. They have implemented tactics to ensure that people … [Read more…]