Clients We’ve Represented

  • International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration. Our qualified recently concluded a major government contracts matter before the International Chamber of Commerce in London. The arbitration arose from the design and construction of a $1 billion project involving one of the world’s most challenging construction efforts. The firm assembled a panel of lawyers and experts from around the world to prepare this complex claim for arbitration. We also instituted a parallel action in U.S. District Court against third parties whose participation was key to resolution of the dispute. Ultimately, the firm was able to employ advanced ADR procedures in one of the first ever successful combined mediations of a U.S. District Court case and an I.C.C. arbitration.
  • Representation of Hughes Aircraft Company. Our qualified lawyers helped Hughes Aircraft Company negotiate the largest settlement ever in a government contracts claim against NATO. The settlement resolved a $100 million-plus claim arising from the design and implementation of the Northern European Command—Command Control Information System, a complex computer system purchased by NATO.
  • Representation of T.Y. Lin International. Our qualified represented T.Y. Lin International in litigation in connection with the collapse of the Koror-Babeldaob Bridge in the Republic of Palau. The bridge was constructed in the mid 1970s, retrofitted in the early 1990s and collapsed shortly thereafter. T.Y. Lin’s motion to dismiss was recently granted by the Supreme Court of Palau after a Tucson injury lawsuit.

Federal Bid Protest Litigation

  • Representation of a car accident attorney in Cincinnati, OH
  • Resources, Inc. v. Defense Commissary Agency, GSBCA No. 13466-P, 13469-P, 13470-P, 96-1 BCA ¶ 28,253; Information Resources, Inc. v. Defense Logistics Agency, 1994 GSBCA LEXIS 349.
  • Representation of Transdyn Controls. Our qualified successfully defended Transdyn Controls against a bid protest in connection with a contract for a computerized Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system to monitor and control the power system of the United States Navy’s base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After a two-day evidentiary hearing, the Court of Federal Claims issued a 50+ page opinion in support of our client’s position.

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