Florida couple charged with drug trafficking

When someone hears a story involving allegations of drug trafficking, they often think of international smuggling, tense confrontations in border countries or huge groups involved in an elaborate ring. Extensive efforts are made to investigate and track down complex organizations that transport marijuana to hub cities across the country. But sometimes, drug marijuana trafficking starts in a person’s very own backyard.

Recently, two Florida residents were arrested for several drug-related offenses including trafficking marijuana. After getting a search warrant to search the couple’s home for narcotics, police discovered nearly 340 marijuana plants in the home which is estimated to have a street value of nearly $850,000.

They also found a substantial amount of equipment allegedly used in the growing and maintenance of marijuana plants. The relatively elaborate set-up in the home consisted of ventilation systems and additional rooms constructed for the operation. Police found drying racks, greenhouses, fans, humidifiers, high intensity lights and irrigation supplies.

As a result of the search, the two residents were charged with marijuana trafficking, possession with intent to sell and maintaining a dwelling intended for selling and manufacturing marijuana. According to Florida drug trafficking statutes, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana can result in a serious felony drug charge. It is reported that an adult marijuana plant can produce roughly two pounds of marijuana. If all of the 338 plants in the home were mature and prepared, they could have manufactured over 670 pounds of marijuana to be smoked or sold.

Drug charges of any level should be taken very seriously because they will not go away on their own. In cases when an investigation has taken place or searches of a premises have occurred, there may be ways to challenge the validity of the procedures.

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