Logan airport pileup blamed on driver negligence

Although driver error in teen crashes is often attributed to the inexperience of young drivers, driver error is common in crashes involving people of all ages. Just like crashes that involve drunk driving or speeding, crashes involving driver error can severely impact of the lives of everyone involved and lead to personal injuries or even death.

Driver error is attributed to Monday’s five-car pileup at Logan International Airport. The Boston Herald reports that the crash happened at approximately 6:35 a.m. and was caused by a 63-year-old woman from North Reading.

“A woman stepped on the gas instead of the brake, jumped the sidewalk and went into the doors at AirTran,” an airport spokesman said.

The woman’s Ford Explorer lurched forward, slamming into other cars and into the Terminal C doors on the upper floor. Boston Emergency Medical Services rushed three of the car accident victims to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

Not car accident injuries are apparent on the day of a crash. A car accident can aggravate an old sports injury or cause chronic back and neck injuries that take several days or weeks to develop. A prompt medical evaluation by a physician after a crash may help lessen the long-term impact of crash injuries.

Typically a driver who injures others through the negligent operation of a vehicle is exposed to personal injury lawsuits and even criminal charges. A state trooper said that the North Reading woman was issued a criminal citation for negligent operation of her vehicle.

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