Medical malpractice? Nurse cuts off baby’s finger

What kinds of mistakes can distracted or bored health care providers make? One answer lies in a recent incident far from Newburgh: a nurse in Florida cut off a baby’s finger.

How could such a mistake happen? The nurse was in the process of discharging the three-month-old girl from the hospital and instead of clipping the plastic intravenous tube off of the baby’s hand, the scissors sliced right though the baby’s left-hand pinky finger — the finger then fell to the floor.

If you were on a jury hearing about this incident in a medical malpractice case, how would you vote?

The baby’s mother recalls: “I started screaming, ‘Her finger! Her finger!’

Blood was squiring everywhere: on the baby’s face, on the mother, on the nurse.

The nurse was telling the distraught mom, “‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.'”

She then rushed out of the room, screaming for help.

Half of the baby girl’s finger was missing, however.

Doctors rushed to the baby, trying to save and reattach the finger.

They were unable to successfully reattach the tiny digit, however.

“The nerves were too delicate,” the mom’s attorney said. “The veins were too small.”

The mother is suing the hospital with her personal injury lawyer and the nurse for negligence, saying the nurse was negligent in trying to remove the tube with scissors and the hospital was negligent in supervising her properly.

The hospital has thus far been unwilling to settle the matter out of court, forcing the mother to file a lawsuit.

Hospital officials call the severed finger an “unfortunate accident.”

The mother had originally taken her baby to the hospital as a precautionary measure when the infant had a fever.

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