Motor vehicle accident leaves high school students injured

In some instances, a car accident can trigger a secondary motor vehicle accident. In any vehicle accident, the injuries and property damage that can result are sometimes very serious.
This past weekend, a crash occurred in South Georgia caused both damage and personal injury. A group of high school students were aboard a charter bus when the bus got into a crash. There had been construction on the road when a car rear-ended another car in front of the bus.
The car crash forced one of the cars into the path of the bus. In an effort to avoid the vehicle, the bus driver tried to go around it and drove off the road and into an overpass. The crash, which occurred Sunday afternoon, caused two lanes to close while responders and state patrol investigated the accident.
There were 52 individuals in the bus, including 47 high school students. One person was injured and immediately brought to a local hospital where the individual is now listed in stable condition. Nineteen others were also brought to the hospital, but likely with less severe injuries.
There is no information as to what caused the initial crash. The article does say that it occurred right where traffic was slowing down. Was the initial crash caused by an inattentive driver? Had the driver been distracted behind the wheel?
Whatever the reason, getting into a motor vehicle accident is scary and can lead to other issues. Not only do accident victims deal with physical injury, but there are medical expenses and insurance issues that can come up as well.
It can help to speak with someone who understands the complex nature of attaining compensation for injuries after an accident like a DWI attorney Monroe. Compensation can benefit a victim and his or her family by helping alleviate some of the financial challenges they may be facing.

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