Operator Training Class Synopsis

This extremely efficient class covers 100% of OSHA’s requirements for the safety training of your operators in less than 3 hours. The class is divided into two distinct phases – classroom instruction, which ends with a written exam, and hands-on equipment evaluation. Failure to score at least 85% on the written exam will result in re-testing of that particular operator before advancing to the hands-on evaluation, approved by workers compensation law in Wisconsin.

The class is taught by knowledgeable instructors and is comprehensive, accurate, and best of all, entertaining. The open-discussion format will cause your operators to be more involved in the class and, thereby, more interested in the details of the subject matter. Throughout the class, real-life accident occurrences are discussed to add relevance to the material at hand.

Our trainers provide all printed classroom manuals for the participants and all computer projection equipment to display the visual aides that accompany the training.

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