Two trucking companies order to shut down for safety violations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced that two trucking companies, Ben Gordon Enterprises and Lex Express, Inc., have been ordered to cease all transportation services because of safety concerns surrounding their fleet vehicles.

The shut down comes in light of startling reports that indicate that both companies were operating vehicles that posed a considerable safety risk to other motor vehicles on the roadways. At both companies, vehicles were not periodically inspected nor were they serviced routinely, a clear violation of safety regulations in any state.

Reports indicate that, despite a federal out-of-service order placed on the company, Ben Gordon Enterprise continued operations, even allowing drivers who did not have valid commercial drivers’ licenses to operate the vehicles.

LEX Express has submitted a proposed safety management plan to the FMCSA which outlines its intended efforts to ensure its compliance with safety regulations. While they wait for an FMCSA ruling, critics point out that their plan does not absolve them of any negligence nor does it protect them from any liability in the event that one of their commercial vehicles were to cause an serious car accident in the meantime.

It’s particularly disturbing to hear stories such as this because we realize that despite the best efforts of safety regulators, companies like these ignore the potential danger that they are putting other motorists in. And although we do not know if anyone has been seriously injured because of these two companies, it’s important to note that victims have the right to hold negligent parties such as this responsible for their actions.

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